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Hydraulic nuts

Hydraulic nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give accurate and uniform bolt load to any bolted joint. Using multiple hydraulic nuts on a bolted joint gives a better uniform bolt load across all bolts, which greatly improves the integrity of the joint. Designed to be as compact as possible, TensionPro hydraulic nuts generate high bolt loads in small space envelopes.

Hydraulic nuts are widely used in many industries including power generation, oil and gas, mining and general industrial applications.

TensionPro hydraulic nuts are available in a versatile range of types and sizes. The nuts are made from high strength low-alloy steel and ARMOURMAX protected for long life protection. Stainless steel versions are available for use in corrosive environments.

Hydraulic nuts are quick and easy to install and offer improved speed in assembly and disassembly of the bolted joint over traditional loading methods.

TensionPro hydraulic nuts can be custom made for any thread size from M8 to M400 and for any load requirement. Our standard ranges of top collar nuts and bearing mounting nuts are available for quick delivery. Bottom collar nuts, shim-type nuts and hollow bore type jacking nuts are all available on request.


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