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Cycle counters

FMCC Hydraulic In-Line Cycle Counters offer users a quick, reliable and effective option for process improvement. Suitable for all high pressure hydraulic systems, the unit is simply connected in-line with an existing system and counts the number of pressure cycles/operations. Any tool can be connected to any pump.

The counters are invaluable for process and quality control. In-service and maintenance schedules can be built for equipment based on a fixed number of uses. This is preferable to an inefficient time based system. The counters are also used for life cycle and fatigue testing in test and research applications.

Our in-line counters are available in different configurations with various versions of quick connect fittings. They can also be integrated into other systems and products, making them an extremely versatile solution for multiple applications. Special versions and bespoke design available if required.


Multiple uses

  • Bolt tensioners
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic cylinder and jacks
  • Process and integrated systems

Multiple pressure ranges

  • 700 bar
  • 1000 bar
  • 1500 bar
  • 2500 bar
  • cycle-counter
  • cycle-counter
  • cycle-counter

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