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Tensioning kits for diesel and gas engines

We supply a range of complete tensioning kits for tightening bolts on cylinder heads, connecting rods and main bearings. Our hydraulic tensioners, pumps and precision ultrasonic measurement equipment is designed with years of experience to give the speed, accuracy and reliability that operators need. Each kits is supplied in its own bespoke tool box.

The equipment is optimised for easy use and comes with comprehensive instructions and pressure test certification. The tools are CE marked. We also provide 24-hour support to cover all your bolting requirements.

A full refurbishment, calibration and test service is available for all makes and brands of engine hydraulic bolt equipment . With quick turnaround times we test and certify equipment to ensure it is in safe, working condition, and certified to meet pressure equipment directive requirements.

Jenbacher 616, 620, 624

  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 5 x 2m hose
  • 1 x 4-way manifold
  • 4 x Cylinder head tensioner
  • 2 x Main bearing adaptor
  • 2 x Tool box
  • 2 x Optional M36 main bearing tensioner

MWM 2020 and 2032

  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 5 x 2m hose
  • 1 x 4-way manifold
  • 4 x Cylinder head tensioner
  • 2 x Main bearing tensioner
  • 1 x Tool box


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