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    Intelligent bolt load


The best way to ensure high integrity of bolted connections is to measure bolt load or tension, instead of bolt torque.

Historically, direct measurement of bolt load has required specialised equipment and technicians to be on-site so is infeasible for many applications.

InterBolt™ technology integrates bolt load monitoring directly into the bolt or threaded stud itself. It is integrated into an IIoT network to provide real-time bolt load monitoring. The cloud platform enables asset owners to identify loose fasteners remotely and in real-time, eliminating the need for manual on-site inspection.
Why choose InterBolt™
  • High accuracy (97%) bolt load measurements
  • Remote monitoring through cloud platform
  • Local bolt load monitoring through integrated LED indicator
  • Wireless communication range of 1km
  • 15-year battery life and robust design

Contact our InterBolt™ team today at interbolt@tensionpro.co.uk for more information.
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