TensionPro has launched its Delta series of hydraulic bolt tensioners. Optimised for topside applications in the offshore oil and gas industry, the 1500 bar system delivers 30% more load than TensionPro's standard range, making it ideal for tightening compact flanges, as well as all common sized ANSI, ASME and API flanges.   

The tools are lightweight and highly versatile. They feature a compact direct threaded tensioner load cell and integrated bridge and socket. This strong and durable one-piece construction makes them easy to handle and avoids the possibility of dropping separate components. The special bridge design and optional swivel connections overcome problems where the application has a tight vertical clearance. 

Delta series tensioners are available with a single, twin, or swivel connections depending on the application and customer operating preferences. Other stand out features include the latest seal technology, a low maintenance design, a maximum stroke indicator and over-stroke protection. 

Said Richard Outram, TensionPro Sales Director: "Compact flanges are being used more extensively in the offshore industry because they offer considerable weight and space savings compared to conventional flanges. However, these flanges demand greater loads from smaller bolts within a smaller space envelope. This in turn demands a bolt tensioner design that can impart more force from a smaller tool without compromising on safety, reliability and accuracy.  Our innovative Delta series provides the industry with a high-quality bolt tensioner that exceeds these requirements." 

Pressure tested and CE marked, the Delta series is supplied with detailed operating and safety manuals.  TensionPro can supply complementary hoses and pumps. Special one-off designs are available for any thread size, load and diameter requirements.