TensionPro has launched the latest version of its popular PEMA Electro Max tensioner pump. The new model adds a number of features designed to make the pump even easier to use with hydraulic bolt tensioners. 

The PEMA-EP is now equipped with a highly accurate digital gauge, automatic mode and a digital maximum pressure setting. This ensures the pump can be operated in automatic pressure mode with full digital control. Smart logic is used to maintain target pressure. The pump automatically compensates for any deviation from the operator setting. 

Ideal for use in factory settings with multiple tools, the pump's remote operation and low maintenance requirements also makes it perfect for wind turbine installation and maintenance projects. The product would work equally well on site generally given its simple, ergonomic and easy to understand control system. PEMA-EP is supplied CE marked with full pressure test and gauge certification. 

Said Richard Outram, TensionPro Sales Director: "This latest version of our PEMA Electro Max Electric Pump is a high-performance product that will help to keep bolt tensioning operations simple and safe across a range of applications. The new features ensure it is very easy to use. Originally, we developed it to satisfy requests from customers in the wind market, but it has a wide range of uses.  Our mantra is to continually develop our product range by focusing on quality, performance and ease of use."