TensionPro has introduced a range of ultra low profile bolt load washers that is ideal for bolt load and tensioner tool calibration. Called TensionDisc, the washers are specially designed load sensors that monitor bolt loads in bolted joint assemblies. 

A simple hand-held reader with a wired or infrared connection allows for simple reading of the bolt load. This data can be exported via USB to a PC. Optional connectivity options allow for multiple uses of the data. 

Accurate and reliable for long term use, as well as very easy to set up, TensionDisc is available for bolt sizes M20 to M72 (and inch equivalents). Special designs are also available on request. TensionDisc can be supplied from stock. 

Commented Dave Metzger, Managing Director: “We are very excited about adding TensionDisc to our product range. It really is an ideal calibration solution with lots of connectivity options. The very low profile of the washer allows it to be added underneath the existing nut in a bolted assembly without adding too much extra height or requiring extra long stud bolts. For example, the M36 washer is only 17mm thick.  There’s no need to make a big change to the bolt grip length.”

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