A busy power generation outage season has kept the TensionPro team hard at work recently. Bolt tensioner, hydraulic cylinder and general high-pressure equipment kits for Alston, GE and Siemens (gas and steam turbines) have been given a full overhaul by the TensionPro specialists.

Kits including ITH and Hydratight original equipment have been arriving at the TensionPro factory requiring inspection, refurbishment, pressure testing and re-certification.

Fred Heaton, Operations Director, commented: “Our customers are sending us equipment from UK and continental Europe power stations. The equipment arrives in various states of repair, often requiring a full refurbishment service. We don’t have long lead times to deal with. The kits normally have to be back on site within the week.

“In that time, we often have to reverse engineer and supply new seal kits. Its hard work but satisfying to receive a crate of jumbled up old hydraulic equipment, that is often in a dangerous condition, and send it back as good as new, complete with full pressure test certification. Using our Certified Refurbed service our customers have the peace of mind that they are meeting their European Pressure Equipment Directive responsibilities.”